Information assurance and security

Ethical Hacking to prevent a potential intrusion.

Is your webpage, maybe your network or cloud infrastructure vulnerable to a cyber attack? These days it’s very common for private persons or companies all sizes to be the target of cyber attacks. To stay protected against all cyber threats, a company has only two real life alternatives. The first one is to take the help of professional penetration testing services experts, to detect and reduce threats with methods that hackers use to get sensitive data or take over the server/ web page. The second alternative is to train its IT team with a penetration testing course, so that team and employees can be aware and have the ability to understand, detect and mitigate any cyber threat.

Let us secure your work space, private enviroment or share our knowledge to protect you! Whether you’re a multinational searching for help to protect yourself against all types of real-world scenario cyber-attacks or a small organisation/ private persons looking for professional advice, we’re 24/7 here for you to provide you with all information security assurances you need. Find out more about our services


Vulnerability Assessment Services

Every year marks another “worst year ever” for cyber attacks around the world. Be on top.

Cybersecurity is very important, especially for private persons or companies that deal with sensitive data, PHI and payment information. Since 93% of all breaches can be avoided, its important to check everything.


Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing can help to mitigate the threats of the above risks that your business may face.

Cybersecurity is of utmost importance, especially in today’s world. Without conducting penetration tests, there are may be a list of potential vulnerabilities/ security holes that are still not discovered in your network and can be easily exploited by cyber criminals. We gonna set the highest security standards for you. So let us hack you before they do it!


Cybersecurity Consulting & Vulnerability Assessment Services

Black-Box vs Grey-Box vs White-Box Penetration Testing

Penetration testing & Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration testing, also ethical hacking, white-hat hacking, or just pentesting. Form of security assessment to tests a computer system, network, or software application to find security vulnerabilities that an attacker can exploit. We also gonna use tools that hacker works with and some manual support, to identify known weaknesses.

IT Team training

Cyber security training for employees should be on the top of your list of priorities. Globally the “human attack surface” is the real weak point of the cyber security chain. We will creat an effective cyber security training material for your employees, so you or your team will always be ready for any situation.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Not every cyberattack is this dramatic. Often, people don’t realize for 7,5 month or more that they’ve been hacked. But whether the attack is quickly apparent or reveals itself over time, you need to be ready. We are here to help you to prepare, protect, detect, respond and recover along all points of the security lifecycle. Our goal is to help you minimize all types of cybersecurity risks and ensure your business no matter what new threats arise.

“Black box” testing

In the particular case of penetration testing, the principle remains the same: testers know nothing about how the application works, and they do not have access to its source code. They find themselves in the shoes of a normal Internet user: that usually is the same state hackers are in, which makes these tests really realistic.

“White box” testing

Full knowledge. This method is used in the case of a penetration test, it means that testers know how the attacked system works: they have access to the source code, the application’s architecture design… Testers create tests based on this knowledge to check the security of the application.

“Grey box” testing

“Grey box” testing compiles the two previous approaches: they test both the functionnalities and functionning of a website. In the case of penetration tests, the “grey box” method consists in doing the tests while being logged on to the application with a user account. It is an intermediary level, where testers know the internal mechanisms of the application, which guides them in their choice of tests. It allows to create relatively exhaustive tests, while maintaining them in a relatively realistic view, close to what a real hacker could do.

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